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hematite rosary whw
This rosary brings together many unique features: solid hematite beads, an ornate Miraculous Medal centerpiece, and a holy water cross
- a cross shaped holy water container made of glass in the place of a crucifix. It provides a convenient holder for holy water on the go. A memorable gift for frequent travelers.  *Holy Water not included Hematite rosary with holy water cross container Ask for Jesus and Mary's protection as you pray Unique gift of faith  Rosary: 21" (L) Cross: 2" (L) x 1.25" (W). details
olive wood relic
This small olive wood palm cross features an encapsulated relic that touched the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. A unique gift of faith from the Holy Land. Comfort cross design is smooth to the touch and the perfect size for gripping in difficult times.  Holy Land cross Olive wood design Relic from Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre A true gift of faith Made in Bethlehem 3" olive wood cross. details
first holy communion petite bronze
A unique and meaningful gift with rich symbolism, this First Holy Communion solid bronze cross features iconic imagery associated with the gifts of the Holy Eucharist.  Compact size cross design is ideal for hanging near a door as a daily reminder of the gift of Faith. Perfect keepsake gift. Beautifully presents the treasured symbols:  Chi-Rho, Fish (Gospels), wheat and grapes (Body and Blood of Christ), and at the heart of the cross the chalice and host the Eucharistic feast. details
holy eucharist icon
This Holy Eucharist wall cross features icon-style imagery of the Holy Eucharist along with angelic hosts in adoration. Made in Italy, it is a beautiful reminder of the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. A wonderful and traditional gift to present to someone receiving their First Holy Communion or with a devotion to the Holy Eucharist. Iconic scenes include the Last Supper and the washing of feet.  Holy Eucharist Cross Full color, gold foil design A classic gift for First Communion Made in Italy Gold foil overlay Made in Italy Ready to hang Wood backing 4.75" (W) x 7" (L). details
confirmation cross - gifts of the
Confirmation is the last of the three Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church, and what was begun at Baptism is sealed or completed at Confirmation.  The symbol for both Baptism and Confirmation is the Holy Spirit.  At Confirmation, the priest prays over the Confirmants that they recieve the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: Piety, Counsel, Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom, Fortitude, and Fear of the Lord.   This gold colored cross features a Holy Spirit dove centerpiece below the word "Confirmation", with seven rays coming from its wings with the gifts of the Holy Spirit written on each.  This Confirmation Cross is a beautiful reminder of t [...]. details
pewter gifts of the spirit cross -
This pewter Gifts of the Holy Spirit cross features all seven of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in a reverent way for Confirmation. Beneath the wings of the dove are spanned the seven gifts, Fear of the Lord, Piety, Counsel, Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom and Fortitude of the Spirit. In the center of the Confirmation pewter cross are the words, "Gifts of the Holy Spirit." The pewter Gifts of the Spirit cross is a wonderful way to remember Confirmation. details
personalized first communion
A First Communion cross is an excellent keepsake of the special day, especially a personalized cross featuring the name and date of your child's First Holy Communion.  This Personalized First Communion Cross is a lovely First Communion gift, designed to become a cherished heirloom for your child.  The cross is made of solid wood with a handsome cherry finish and slightly beveled edges.  The oval centerpiece is made of durable pressed-board and features unique layered imagery. An enlarged image of holy hosts is overlaid with a transparent silhouette of a child, in turn overlaid with a gold chalice.  The top heading reads, “My First Holy Commun [...]. details
confirmation dove cross
This beautiful Confirmation necklace features a silver cross pendant with Celtic filigree design and a dove centerpiece representing the Holy Spirit.  This Holy Spirit cross necklace was hand-crafted by a Dublin artisan we met on a buying trip to Ireland. This cross necklace would make a great Confirmation gift for a loved one, but can also make a great Christian jewelry gift on any occasion for old and young alike.  Confirmation necklace Celtic cross design Features Holy Spirit dove Handmade in Ireland Makes a wonderful Confirmation gift! Sterling silver cross Irish hall-marked 20" chain Cross measures (3/4") H  x (1/2") W. details
holy family ornate wall
This elegant cross features the Holy Family at its center. The contrasting blue and white molding makes this a striking piece. Inspired by the Italian Della Robbia brothers ceramic art. Traditional design will complement today's Catholic home.  Italian-inspired Holy Family cross Elegant cross in classic blue and white design Ornate detailing lends a classic, elegant style  9.75" (L) x  Resin. details
rosewood first holy communion
An attractive and meaningful gift for anyone celebrating their first Holy Communion, this traditionally-styled rosewood cross features a decorative gold cross inlay with an ornate chalice and host design. A fine cross for this most joyful occasion.  First Communion cross Gold cross inlay Decorative chalice and host design Special keepsake gift  Perfect for boys or girls Rosewood stain. details
seven gifts mahogany wall
An attractive mahogany keepsake cross for one celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation, this wooden wall cross features "Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit" along with each gift that strengthens us during our spiritual journey: Fear of the Lord, Piety, Counsel, Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Fortitude. A simply beautiful reminder of the careful guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. details
red holy spirit cross pendant- 25
This cross pendant features a simple gold cross with gold chain accented with a small silver center of the Holy Spirit dove. A striking red enamel inlay accents the gold and silver beautifully. This cross pendant is an appropriate keepsake for both a male or female receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, old and young alike.  Add a chain or leather cord for a dressy or casual look. Makes a great gift for the entire Confirmation class. details
antique white cross holy water
This beautiful Italian font features an antique white cross and would be perfect in a Catholic home. The use of holy water fonts is a very old tradition in the Catholic Church. The earliest fonts were actually fountains and the Christian faithful would wash their hands and feet in the water before entering the church, likely derived from an older Jewish rite. There is a writing by Paulus Silentiarius from about 590 which describes people keeping water from one such fountain in pitchers in their homes. The use of holy water developed from the 4 th through 9 th century, when the custom of sprinkling the congregation at Mass with water from a pot began.  [...]. details
olive wood baptismal wall
This olive wood wall cross features a pewter shell on the cross making it an ideal gift for celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism. A beautiful cross designed by Christians in the Holy Land.  Product of the Holy Land Olive wood cross Pewter shell accent Great gift for Baptism Versatile look for all ages Made in Bethlehem 6" (H) x 3.25" (W) Pewter shell. details
heart amp cross holy water
A unique and elegant vessel for your holy water, this bottle features a heart and cross accent against an intricate filigree metalwork design. Celebrate your faith with inspiring designs that rely on Catholic traditions. Makes a great keepsake gift for Baptisms. Cork bottle closure.        Ornate holy water bottle Heart and cross design Vintage style filigree metalwork Unique vessel for your blessed water Glass bottle:  4.5" (L) x 3.5" (W)  Cork cap Holy Water not included. details
olive wood our father
This uniquely designed olive wood cross from Bethlehem features laser printing of the Our Lord's prayer. An attractive gift to be admired by anyone. Made by Christians in the Holy Land. A thoughtful gift for celebrating the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation.  Product of the Holy Land Olive wood cross Unique Our Father design Great style for kids and teens Ideal sacrament gift Made in Bethlehem 10" olive wood cross. details
crown of thorns olive wood
This olive wood cross features a pewter crown of thorns mounted on the cross. A fine gift created by Christians in the Holy Land.  Holy Land cross Olive wood design Pewter crown of thorns Made in Bethlehem 6" olive wood cross Pewter crown of thorns. details
st benedict light wood cross
This St. Benedict wall cross features a wood cross, a silver corpus, and embedded in the cross is a large medal of St. Benedict, one of the most indulgenced medals in the Catholic Church. Together the crucifix and the St. Benedict medal are a powerful spiritual weapon. The versatile 8" size is ideal for so many spaces. A great way to identify your space and to call upon God's blessings and protection while adoring the holy cross. St. details
standing first communion bronze
A unique and meaningful gift with rich symbolism, this First Holy Communion solid bronze cross features iconic imagery associated with the gifts of the Holy Eucharist.  Compact size cross design is ideal for placement on a student desk, shelf, or bedside table as a daily reminder of the gift of Faith. Perfect keepsake gift. Beautifully presents the treasured symbols:  Chi-Rho, Fish (Gospels), wheat and grapes (Body and Blood of Christ), and at the heart of the cross the chalice and host the Eucharistic feast. Petite sized standing cross. Boxed for gift giving. Solid bronze cross Rich Christian symbolism First Communion theme Standing cross for shelf [...]. details
personalized memorial holy water
Decoratively framed, this Memorial Holy Water Bottle features a cross at the center.  A wonderful way to remember a loved one who has left us. Holy Water Bottle Ideal Gift for a Memorial Personalization included Glass bottle Plastic top 5" (H) x 2" (L) x 1.2" (W) Holy Water not included. details
pewter communion wall cross - 55
A classic and ever-so popular First Holy Communion gift, this genuine pewter cross features a richly crafted First Holy Communion motif along with a scriptural reference from John 6:35, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." Commemorate that special day with a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.  Pewter First Communion wall cross Classic design with a sacramental theme Meaningful keepsake for all ages Optional engraving featured on reverse Genuine pewter design Personalization option available Approx. 5.5" x 4" Wall cross. details
cross nativity
Celebrate the Holy Family with this beautiful standing cross figurine illustrating the Nativity story. Finely crafted and designed to bring the Christmas story to life, this piece is carved with detailed figures and an antiqued color pallet. The cross backdrop provides a moving contemplation on the connection between the birth, death, and Resurrection of Christ. It will make a beautiful display for a living room or mantle.    Sturdy, full color statue Features Holy Family. angel, and scenic cross Moving meditation on Christ's life 14"H Stone resin Gift boxed. details
stamped pyx w celtic
This gold plated pyx features a pewter Celtic cross affixed to the lid. The hinge securely stores the Holy Eucharist, while allowing easy access. The brilliant shine of the gold and detail work on the Celtic cross make this a worthy pyx to transport the consecrated host. details
olive wood rosary amp box from
This olive wood rosary was solidly wired using an old method to hold the medal and crucifix. Made by Christians in the Holy Land, the classic olive wood designed box features a Jerusalem pewter cross on top. A great gift set for any celebrated occasion.  Product of the Holy Land Genuine olive wood beads Attractive rosary gift set Includes olive wood box Jerusalem cross accent Made in Bethlehem 6 mm round olive wood beads Rosary: 17" (L). details
last supper wall
This cross features an artful depiction of Jesus celebrating the Last Supper with the words from John 6:35, "I am the bread of life."  Warm neutral colors make this a versatile cross for anyone. Makes a great gift for those celebrating their First Holy Communion. details
rosewood first communion cross for
An attractive rosewood cross to commemorate their First Holy Communion, this classically styled cross features a gold inlaid cross and a kneeling boy with a chalice and host accent at center. A thoughtful gift selection for a special young man on this most joyous day.  First Communion cross A fine gift for a young boy Traditional gift idea Gold inlay Oxidized accent. details
first communion mahogany wall
A great cross for commemorating one's First Holy Communion, this mahogany wall cross features the Eucharistic symbols of the grapes and wheat, a chalice and a host. An attractive design that works well for anyone. Perfectly sized at 8" (L). Share a thoughtful gift of faith on this most celebrated day. details
crucifixion holy water font 6
This very special vessel for Holy Water is exquisitely crafted with ornate features and a striking Corpus. The Cross is an antiqued bronze color, and the Corpus is ivory-colored. The font and surrounding placard is antiqued, highlighting the beauty and curvature of the lines.   Fully hand-painted Lightly antiqued and heirloom look From the Veronese Collection Superb features and detail Font is 6.75” long Hand-painted resin Holy Water not included. details
mahogany wood dove confirmation
This lovely Confirmation cross features an artfully designed dove cut-out for a unique presentation of the Holy Spirit. Perfect for celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation. Attractive style for anyone on this most special day and a beautiful keepsake cross that reminds one of the Gifts of the Spirit that help us on our spiritual journey. details
bronze finish confirmation wall
From the Joseph's Studio Collection comes this richly styled Confirmation wall cross.  A wonderful gift for a young man or woman to celebrate and remember this important sacrament. Bronze Finish Confirmation Wall Cross Features the Holy Spirit Symbolic grapes and wheat Deep red of Confirmation cross All done in detailed relief Resin stone mix wall cross 7.75" (H) x 5" (W) x .38" (D) Ready to hang. details

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